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The first issue of this magazine was published in February 1982, namely 30 years ago. We have already published No.117 in December 2011.

Characteristic of this magazine is, writing with one phrase, an independent media for contemporary thoughts.


What we request authors to write and what we hope to deliver to readers is following:


1) Radical analysis of problems of the contemporary world (both the world of life and the global world) and appeal for action of people.


2) Philosophical journalism that criticizes sharply and profoundly contemporary forms of social consciousness and thought.


3) Studies of history of thought, rereading past thinkers and talking vividly their actual meaning.


Our style, with which we organize discussions, co-works and editing, is following:


1) Denial of monolithic ideal, using of differences among standpoints, among specialties, and among generations to advantage.


2) Emphasizing of colliding and dialogical relationship between life and philosophy, practical field and theoretical thought.


3) Bringing up of independent media for contemporary thoughts through our own associated activities.


The 21st century seems to be a turning point of the history of mankind. We need radical thoughts in genuine sense. This magazine will continue to challenge. Please support and participate us as a reader ,as a writer, and as a member!








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●  Editors(in alphabetical order)


BYODO Fumihiro(Associate Professor of Ethics at Osaka University of Economics)

HUJITA Takamasa(Philosopher)

KIMURA Tsuneyuki (Representative of this Magazine, Professor of Ethics at Nara Technical College)

MURAYAMA Akira (System Engineer)

SASAGE Kenji (Political Scientist)

TABATA Minoru (Chief Editor, Professor of Philosophy at Osaka University of Economics)

TAKANE Hidehiro (Book Designer)

YAMAGUCHI Kanau (Researcher at Community and Collaboration Research Center)

YAMAMOTO Haruyoshi (Adviser of this Magazine, Honorary Professor of Ethics and History of Social Thought at Osaka University of Economics)

YASUI Yutaka (Philosopher)





                         No.159, May 2022

                        Table of Contents

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Preface Essay ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Why Literature? : On the “Rational Egoism” of N.G.Chernyshevskii(1828-1889)

/MIKAMI Susumu

~~~~ Special Issue : Between the Openness and the Suppression of Expression~~~~~~~ 

Now, Think about What Freedom of Expression is: From Overseas Trends Regarding Freedom of Expression  /WATANABE Tomoaki, TACHIBANA AkiraInterviewer

Report of Japan P.E.N. Club(Document) : On the“Expression Inconvenience Exhibition” of ”Aichi Triennale2019 ” /NISHIMURA Hideki

Evaluation of Works of Art and Thoughts on Their Value: Taking “Expression Inconvenience Exhibition Kansai ”as an Example            /TACHIBANA Akira 

‘Freedom of Expression’and the Transformation of Cultural Production Studies in Sociology                                                       /YUI Kiyomitu

A Delusion of Artificial Art                                  /MURAYAMA Akira

“Freedom of Expression” Taught by Ukraine                 /SASAKI Masaaki

Hate, Discrimination and Freedom of Expression             /NISHIMURA Hideki

Inconvenience of Expression in Newspaper Articles: Exploring the Factors behind Reader Churn                                                /AMANO Kensaku

Intellectual Opportunity for a Free Society                 /NAKAGAWA Neikosu       

Organization Management and Freedom of Expression           /UENO Toshihiro

Limitations and Opportunities for University Active Learning Program Going Online /KUBO Tomomi

Roundup of ‘the Society for the Study of Materialism in Japan (1932-38)’on 29. Nov. 1938 and on 24. Jan. 1940   /TABATA Minoru, SUMIDA Zenshiro (interviewer)


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Yuiken Crossroad~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mourning for My Friend SHIBATA Takayuki               /ISHIZUKA Masahide

Commentary on Special Issue of No.158 ”Reconsideration on the Illusion”        /ODA Tomoharu

Regarding “Article 3 of the Supplementary Provisions of Workers Cooperative Act ”, Does the Law “Pay No Attention” to the Participation of the Users of the Support for Continuous Employment Type A ?                         /TAJIMA Yasutoshi

Reading “What is the Enlightenment”of I. Kant         /YOSHIZUMI Hiroyuki


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Book Review~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

KAMIYAMA Mutsumi,Messages of the People Who Have Come Back Alive from the Serious Illnes by Colona Infection  /MUROHUSHI Shihan


INAZUMI Ren,Decommissioning of Nuclear Reactor /KIMURA Tsuneyuki


 No.158, February 2022

                        Table of Contents

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Preface Essay ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Capitalism in theAnthropocene VS the New Movements of Associations  /Hiyama Michihiko


~~~~ Special Issue  :A Reconsideration on the Illusion ~~~~~~~ 

Illusion as Psyche : Butterflies, Breath, or Soul          /ISHIZUKA Masahde

Wirklichkeit, Bewußtsein, Einbildungskraft und Illusion       /TABATA Minoru

Die Phantasie als die Front der Materie: Ernst Blochs Aufname und Kritik der Schellings Philosophie                                      /ODA Tomoharu

‘A Gentle Man in Old Time , Admiring the Moon, Gazing at the Flowers’/HATTORI Kenji 

Illusion Theory of Siegmund Freud                            /KAMIYAMA Mutsumi

The Imagination Concerning ’Tirthaka’ Theory                 /TOKUNAGA Yuji 

YOSHIMOTO’s Illusion Theory and the Radical Critique of the Single Lineage View of Japanese Imperial History /MUTOHUSHI Shihan

Modern Art as a Phantasy of Vanity, an Empty Air , an Imaginary Body,and an Imaginary Number                        /TAKANE Hidehiro

The Nuclear Power Plant: From a Safty Myth to a Reassuring Myth /KIMURA Tsuneyuki



The Philosophy of Dignity (III)                       /HUJITA Takamasa     


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Yuiken Crossroad~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Commentary on Special Issue of No.157”Socialism in the 21st Century”    /TAGAMI Koichi

On the Supplemenntary Provisions Article 3 to the Workers Cooperatives Act                          /KASHII Hiroyuki

Reading HASHINO Takaaki’s Article “Acceptance of Disability and Theology”           /YOSHIZUMI Hiroyuki

Mourning for the Late SUZUKI Tadashi                       /TABATA Minoru

A List of  Essays of SUZUKI Tadashi in This Magazine


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Book Review~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

OYABU Ryusuke, Paladigm Change of the Marxist Theories            /SAITO Kohei

MATSUDA Hiroshi,A.Gramsci’s Unfinished Theory of Civil Society /HUJIOKA Hiromi

KARATANI Kojin, New Associationist Manifesto                 /YOSHINAGA Takeshi



TAGAMI Koichi, An Introduction to Marx for 99% People  /KAWASHIMA Yuichi



                         No.157, November 2021

The 40th Anniversary of the First Issue of This Magazine

                        Table of Contents

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Preface Essay ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

From Mass Society to Urban Society: Development of the Political Theory of MATSUSHITA Keiichi /YONEKURA Katsuyoshi

~~~~ Special Issue I :Socialism in the 20th Century: Its Thoughts, Movements and Organizations ~~~~~~~ 

How to Take Advantage of the Worker Cooperatives Act in Practice: Creating a Movement from the Local Community to Encourage a Shift in People’s Work Values/TAJIMA Yasutoshi

On the Way to Change of the World: Social&Solidarity Economy and Cooperative/MARUYAMA Shigeki

Toward Post-Capitalism with Degrowth: New Social Visions and Movements/SHIRAKAWA Masumi

From the Theory of Class Warfare to the Theory of Base Warfare  /EBARA Hitoshi

Globalism and Subaltern Today: Starting from Standpoint of People in Adversity /KASHII Hiroyuki

An Inquiry into Fraternity Socialism                              /MURAOKA Itaru

Two Movements of Socialistic Transformation through Macro and Micro Ways: Risk, Decision, Responsibility and Marx’s Theory of Freedom    /MATSUO Tadasu

Philosophy of American Social Democracy: ”Pure Experience” and “Trans-action” /NAGAI Tsutomu

Socialism as Immanent Critique: Theoretical Contributions and Challenges of Honneth’s The Idea of Socialism /NARITA Daiki

~~~~ Special Issue II :Reading The Capital in the Time of Anthropocene by SAITO Kohei~~~~~~~

MIKAMI Susumu, YOSHINAGA Takeshi, TSUDA Michio, OISHI Kazuo

Li Yini() MURAYAMA Akira, KIMURA Tsuneyuki,  NAITO Shu

WADA Ryuzo, AYAME Hiroharu,  ONO Masatsugu,  TOKUNAGA Yuji

On the Politics by Degrowth Communism                      /HOSOYA Makoto

Toward the Radical Coping with the Environmental Crisis/TAKADMakoto


Recent Points at Issue of Ecological Marxism              /SHIMAZAKI Takashi

~~~~ Special Issue III :OYABU Ryusuke’s Radical Reform of the Marxist State Theory ~~~~~~~

Retrospective and Reconsideration of Marxist State Theory         /KATO Tetsuro

A Dialog with the State Theory of OYABU Ryusuke                 /TABATA Minoru

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~yuiken clossroad~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jyogu-Houoh, Umayato-Toyotomimi and Shoutoku-Taishi: As My Opinion against Yasui’s Critique  /KIMURA Isao

Commentary on Special Issue of No.156 ”Controvercy over Alienation Theory”  /NAGASHIMA Isao

Postscript to My Essay “A Search for Human Life”(No.151)  /YOSHIZUMI Hiroyuki

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Book Review~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

SAITO Hideharu, Violence of Capitalism: Reading a Collapse of the Present World  /ABIKO Shigeo

SAKAKIBARA Takahito, A Day When Silence reigned over the Whole HUKUSHIMA  /KIMUTA Tsuneyuki



                         No.156, August 2021

                        Table of Contents

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Preface Essay ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

AZAMI Shozo(M.D.) Sensei                                 /NAGAI Tsutomu

~~~~ Special Issue :Controversy about Alienation Theory   ~~~~~~~ 

Hegel on Self-Alienation(I)                               /OTA Kotaro

Composition of Alienation Theory in Hegel’s “Phenomenology of Spirit”/NAGASHIMA Isao

A Pitfall in the Theory of Alienation: With Regard to Ludwig Feuerbach’s Criticism of Religion /KAWAMOTO Takashi 

On the Paradigm Shift from the Theory of Alienation to the Theory of Reification in Marx /HIYAMA Michihiko

Theory of Alienation as the Theoretical Core of Karl Marx       /TAGAMI Koichi

The Abyss We Must Not Cross                                   /HOSOMI Kazuyuki

Alienation from Creativity and Everyday Space, and Art-Activism to Resist: Consideration from Henri-Refevre’s Theory of Alienation /TACHIBANA Akira

New Developments in De-Labor-Socialization and Alienation Theory:  /YASUI Yutaka


The Philosophy of Dignity II)                /HUJITA Takamasa

Gramsci’s Unfinished Research on the Civil Society          /MATSUDA Hiroshi

Friedrich List before Going to the United States: The Source of His Ideas /Li Yini

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~yuiken clossroad~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Commentary on the Special Issue of No.155 ”Thinking on Food under the Current Corona Crisis”                                                      / INAOKA Yoshiro 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Book Review~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

INAOKA Kozo,From Hiroshima to Hukushima: History of Nuclear Disaster / WADA Ryuzo

KIMURA Isao, Crown Prince Shotoku was Prince Nagaya             /YASUI Yutaka


Izumisano City vs Government: Tow Interesting Books         /KIMURA Tsuneyuki


No.155, May 2021


No.155, May 2021


Table of Contents

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Preface Essay ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For The Capitalon De-labor-Socialization    /YASUI Yutaka


~~~~ Special Issue :Thinking on Food under the Current Corona Crisis   ~~~~~~~ 

Thinking about Agriculture through COVID-19 Pandemic     /YAMAGUCHI Kanau

Thinking about Food & Agriculture        /TOKUNAGA Yuji

Exclusion of Nature Existing in Eating, Farming and Body: Reconstruction from Ecologys View           /URATA-TOHO Sayuri 

Poetry in the Kitchen        /KIZAWA Natsumi

Dive into Local Fields from Town!    /KŌSAKA Masaru

The Food Norm of Animal Ethics      /TAGAMI Koichi

The World of Food under the Current Situation with COVID-19: Considering Thought of Food Influenced by Life or Economy   /KAWAKAMI Mutsuko

The Basic Viewpoint of Japanese Buddhists Idea on Food: Through the Original Understanding of the Buddhist-Precept Forbidding Destruct of Life in Medieval-Buddhism     /KAMEYAMA Sumio()

Gyubaton(Cow, Horse, Pig): Culture as a Way to Eat and Culture as Food   /ISHIZUKA Masahide()

Naturality in Eating: From the Perspective of Mythologies of Lévi=Strauss

 /HIGAKI Tatsuya



Anti-Democracy in the American White Industrial Labor    /NAGAI Tsutomu

Disability Acceptance and Theology: From the Place of Disabled People and Pastors(Concluded)  /Hashino Takaaki

Market of Secondary Creation and Formation of Creative Space(Concluded)



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Yuiken Crossroad~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Commentary on Special Issue of No.154Theories of Dignity in 21 Century     / BYODO Humihiro 

Mourning for OCHIAI Yoshitaka  /MIMURO Isamu()

Reading Book 3. of The Adolescent of Dostoyevsky(Concluded)   /YOSHIZUMI Hiroyuki


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Book Review~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

SAITO Kohei,Anthropocene and The Capital of Marx   / TAKEDA Nobuteru

NAKAMURA Toshiko,How had Modern Discrimination System against Women Formed: In Europe and in Japan    / KIMURA Tsuneyuki


NISHIMURA Yoshiko, Soseki in Simple Terms    /MUROHUSHI Shihan



No.149, November 2019



~~~~~~~~Preface Essay ~~~~~~~~

ISHIMURE Michiko, A Person of Pain   /INAOKA Yoshiro


~~~~~~ Special Issue I  Critique of the Official School Moral Education in Japan~~~~~~~ 


What Did I Grasp the Enforcement of Special Subject-Dôtoku?: From the Viewpoint of Shôkokumins Generation  /KATSURA Masataka

Japanese Official School Moral Education and Human Rights Education   /TSUCHIYA Takashi

Materialism and Moral Education   / MORI Minoru

Freedom of Religion , Kimigayo”,and Moral   / OKUNO Yasutaka

Hinomaru”,”Kimigayo and the Imperial Rescript on Education       /WATANABE Atsuko

Special Subject-Moral Education and Textbooks for It   /OHKA Humiyo

Moral-Education Textbooks, Wickedness and Mind   /KIMURA Tsuneyuki

An Attempt of Philosophy Education as an Alternative to Moral Education    /BYODO Humihiro

The Moral Education as a Demand of the Capitalist Society /SAKURAI Chieko

Moral Education and Citizenship Education   / HOSOYA Makoto

Read Carefully to Moral Philosophy and Moral Education Thought : The Root of J.J.Rousseaus Thought   /WAKITA Satoshi


~~~~~~ Special Issue II ~~~~~~~~ 

I R ecommend This Book for Understanding the Present Circumstances of the World 

YAITA Susumu), KIMURA Tsuneyuki, TOKUNAGA Yuji



MOCHZUKI Seiji and MarxConcept Burgerliche  GesellschaftI) /TAIRAKO Tomonaga

On The 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte(I)      /OYABU Ryusuke 

A Model of  the Stalinist Interpretation of Young Marx: Critique of HARADA Minoru, Alienation of Labor and Civil Society  /NAGASHIMA Isao

Market of Secondary Creation and Formation of Creative Space

/TACHIBANA Akira, IZEKI Takahiro, OKAMOTO Aki                 


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Book Review~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

MORI Nobushige, An Introduction to the Materialist Philosophy /SUMIDA Zenshiro


SOEDA Kaoru, Critical Line: Theory of Poetry, Criticism,and Super-Criticism   /MUROHUSHI Shihan



No.148, August 2019



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Preface Essay ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Down: Mow We Should Talk about a Republican System   /KIMURA Isao


~~~~~~ Special Issue : 

I Recommend This Book for Understanding the Present Circumstances

 of the World~~~~~~~~~ 

MATSUDA Hiroshi(), KATANO Kiyotaka(), ITO Akira(), HOSOYA Makoto(), AYAME Hiroharu, NAGAI Tsutomu, KOJIMA Kosei, SHIBAYAMA Kentaro, ISHIZUKA Jin, SHIMAZAKI Takashi, SHIRAKAWA Masumi, WADA Ryuzo, SHIBATA Takayuki, MEKARI Chieko, KASHII Hiroyuki, TAKEDA Nobuteru, NAITO Shu, NISHIDA Terumi, MARUYAMA Shigeki, MURAYAMA Akira, KAWAKAMI Mutsuko, ISHIZUKA Masahide, YOSHIDA Tomoya, ONO Masatsugu, WASHIDA Koyata


Platos Critique of Democracy(Concluded) /ISHIZAKI Yoshihiko

~~~~~~~~YUIKEN Crossroad~~~~~~~~~~

I Want to Say Something about P.141 of No.147 of This Magagine SANO Yoneko

Mourning for TAKASHIMA Masaharu           MATSUDA Hiroshi

INOUE Mituharu and Tokyo Olympiad in 1964 and 2020 Concluded

KAMIYA Mitsunobu

Reading 1st Book of The Adolescent of F.Dostyevsky(8)   YOSHIZUMI Hiroyuki

~~~~~~~~~~~~Book Review~~~~~~~~~~~~~

MUKAI Toyoaki, Honeodori:Selection of MUKAI Toyoakis Novels OKUMA Nono


TANAKA Kunio, Poetics of NATSUME Sosekis Michikusa MORITA Kozo


No.147, May 2019 Table of Contents


~~~~~~~ Preface Essay ~~~~~~~

Life and Death Thought from Place of Living  / BYODO Humihiro (2)


~~~~~~ Special Issue : Populism Today ~~~~~~~

Left Populism and Social Movements / SHIOTA Jun (12)

On the Left Populism of C. Mouffe / MATSUDA Hiroshi (19)

Populism and Democracy in America: Based on John Dewey’s Perspective / NAGAI Tsutomu (24) Miscellaneous Thoughts on Populism / SUGIMURA Masaaki (34)

Plato’s Critique of Democracy(Continued) / ISHIZAKI Yoshihiko (38)

H. Arendt, K. Marx and Populism / MOMOKI Baku ( 46)

Gramschi’s Consideration on Folklore: Related to the Rise of Right Populism / OBASE Ichiro (56) ODA Makoto and People’s Movements / KIMURA Tsuneyuki (66)

Populism and Japanese Emperor system / MUROHOSHI Shihan (76)


~~~~~~~ Article ~~~~~~~

Reexamination of Marx Criticism of Hegel’s Philosophy (Continued) / SHIMAZAKI Takashi (88)


~~~~~~ YUIKEN Crossroad ~~~~~~

Discussion on KIMURA Tsuneyuki’s Book Japanese and The Post W.W.II. Period KIMURA Tsuneyuki, AYAME Koji, WADA Ryuzo, MUROHUSHI Shihan (102)

Reading No.146 of This Magazin /SUMIDA Zenshiro (115)

Are You Fighting for the Political Power? GOTO Yuji (118)

INOUE Mituharu and Tokyo Olympiad in 1964 and 2020 (Continued) KAMIYA Mitsunobu(122)


~~~~~~~ Book Review ~~~~~~~

OHTANI Teinosuke,Marx Hard Task : From 1st to 8 th Manuscript for The Capital Part II / MIYATA Korehumi(128) Ohta Kohtaro, Hegel’s Thought of Mediation / TAKADA Makoto (134) YASUI Yutaka, Solving 12 Riddles Concerning the Foundation of Japanese Ancient State KAWASHIMA Yuichi(138) KISHIDA Shu, Why have I Advocated Illusionism ? / TOKUNAGA Yuji (142)


                         No.146, February 2019

                        Table of Contents

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Preface Essay ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Life, Death and Dignity                                  /HUJITA Takamasa

~~~~~~ Special Issue : Capitalism Today~~~~~~~~~ 

10 Years after Lehman Shock : What Has Changed?              /SHIRAKAWA Masumi

View of ‘Change’ of Left 3.0                               /MATSUO Tadasu()

The Philosophical Foundations of J.R.Commons’Institutional EconomicsUNI Hiroyuki

Some Conditions of the ‘Social Economy’: From the Wonju City’s CaseYang Junho

New Economic Regime and Civilization in the Social and Solidarity Economy in EuropeTSUDA Naonori


What Does the Modern History of Ainu Mean?(Concluded)     /HONDA Masaya

Why and What Do You Study?                   /MIKAMI Susumu

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~YUIKEN Crossroad~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Will Japanese People Prostrate Themselves before the New Name of Japanese Era?/TAKANE Hidehiro

I Want to Say Something to the Recent Disccussion on the New Name of Japanese Era


Mourning for UMEHARA Takeshi                 /YASUI Yutaka

INOUE Mituharu and Tokyo Olympiad in 1964 and 2020 Continued)/KAMIYA Mitsunobu

Reading 1st Book of The Adolescent of F.Dostyevsky(7) /YOSHIZUMI Hiroyuki

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Book Review~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

TAKEUCHI Emiko,MARUYAMA Keiichi(ed.), Correspondence Between NAKANO Shigeharu and HOTTA Yoshie 1953-79 /HINO Noriyuki

ISHIZUKA Masahide,Reading Fetishism Notes of Marx   KAWASHIMA Yuichi

HIYAMA Michihiko,Value and Production Price: Approach of the Social Reification Theory   KOBAYASHI Masato

TOKUNAGA Yuji, Archetypes of Holiness and Humbleness in Folklore and Prehistory of Religion vol. 1, vol.2    /ISHIZUKA Masahide

KAMIYAMA Mutsumi, The Constitution of Japan and the Decisive War in Mainland of Japan,KANEKO Yu


No.143, May 2018

Table of Contents

~~~~~~~ Preface Essay ~~~~~~~
Japanese Modern History andOutstanding Debts: Discussion for the Ethics of History ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ / TAKANE Hidehiro (2)

~~~~~~~ Special Issue ~~~~~~~
Cities and Space for Liberation: On the Production of New Spaces

Spatial Turn of the Urban Revolution Theory
/ SAITO Hideharu, Interviewer TACHIBANA Akira (12)

City as a Place of Encounter and Exchange: The Will of the Situationists
/ TACHIBANA Akira (30)

Urban Regeneration Policies Responding to Economic Restructuring in a Coastal Industrial
Rotterdam / NAMIKI Shutaro (46)
An Institutional Space in a Machinery and Metal Processing Technology Agglomeration Area : Dynamic Empirical Research on Tsubame Area and Iida Area in Japan / UENO Toshihiro (62)
Outside of the Region: A Case Study in a Small Town in Kumamoto Prefecture

Utilization on vacant Lots in the Era of Depopulation SAKURA Kousuke (82)
Geographic Information Space for Public Space
Time Spatial of Workers

/ KUBO Tomomi (72) Possibility of Urban Agriculture by /

/ UCHIYAMA Yuta (98) / NAKAGAWA Neikos (108)

Condition on the Special Characteristic of the Tea-Ceremony Room: In the Case of Working Together with One Mind / HAGIWARA Eiko (112)

The Space for Expression of Art

~~~~~~~ Article ~~~~~~~
Lebensprozeß as MarxKey Concept Concluded Toward the Construction of Marxian Ethics II

/ NAKATAKE Dai (122) / TABATA Minoru (130)

/ HUJITA Takamasa (146)

~~~~~~ Discussion: For the Ethics of History ~~~~~~~~~ Japanese Emperor System as Illness : Ethics of a Pseudo-Monotheism

~~~~~~~ Book Review ~~~~~~~
OSUMI Osamu, The Funeral of Japanese Imperial Family

~~~~~~~ Information ~~~~~~~
Osaka Independent School of Philosophy (174) About this Magazine (177)

/ MUROHUSHI Shihan (158) / KIMURA Tsuneyuki (170)

Recently Published Books etc. (175) Editor’s P.S. (176) 


                         No.140, August 2017

                        Table of Contents

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Preface Essay ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 “Bread & Butter Issue”and Cultural “Left”          /YAMAGUCHI Kanau

~~~~~~ Special Issue: Lectures of Introduction to Philosophy~~~~~~~~~ 

Connection between Humane Living and Philosophical Thinking   /BYODO Humihiro

An Oasis in the Desert: On the Encounter between Hoffer and Arent /MIURA Takahiro

Critique of Philosophy from a Standpoint of Feminism and Gender       /Ogoshi Aiko

Thinking about Work: Against Neo-Liberalism Hegemony           /HOSOYA Makoto 

Introduction to the Philosophy of ‘Food’                /KAWAKAMI Mutsuko

Pragmatism: Philosophy as a Common Court                 /KIMURA Tsuneyuki

Introduction to Hannah Arendt                                / MOMOKI Baku

Toward the Construction of Marxian Ethics I                                 /HUJITA Takamasa

Philosophy As the Examination of Life: Reading Apology of Socrates           /TABATA Minoru


Reconsidering Henri Lefebvre: Modern Urban Planning and Production of Renewal Space /TACHIBANA Akira

A Try for the Theory of “Four Kinds ”of the Imperial Regalia of Japan            /TAKAHASHI Ippei

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~YUIKEN Crossroad~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Conditions to Work Happily : Business Philosophy and Free Individuals

  /NAKAGAWA Neikosu

Report:A Celemony Held in Memory of YAMAMOTO Haruyoshi   /BYODO Humihiro(

My View of Life and Death: From This World to Next World(Concluded) 


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Book Review~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

SHINDO Ken, Acquiring War Novels                          /KIMURA Tsuneyuki

SOEDA Kaoru, The Truth of Empelor’s Video Message on 8. August 2016



                         No.138, February 

                        Table of Contents

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Preface Essay ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 A Midsummer Night's Bad Dream                                /HIYAMA Michihiko

~~Special Issue: Recent Studies of the Japanese Ancient History by Japanese People: A Self-Examination~~~~~~~~~ 

Historical Science Opposed to KOKOKUSHIKAN after the World War II. : Fate and Mission of the FURUTA School                                              /KOGA Tatsuya

Japanese Ancient History Seminar held by Citizens of Higashiosaka /KUBOSHITA Tamiko

Significance and Succession of HURUTA Takehiko’s Historical Method: From Dogma to Logic                                                            /HARADA Minoru

The Kyūshū Dynasty Theory: Are the Supporters on the Verge of Extinction? /HUKUNAGA Shinzo   

Reflections on Regal Powers in the Archipelago: Their Post-War Development      /MUROHUSHI SHIHAN

“Materialism” and Study of Ancient History              / YASUMOTO Biten

Academic Studies of Japanese Ancient History Disregard Three Chinese Ancient Documents                             /IKI Ichiro

The NINIGI Clan in WAKOKU: A Mediator between WAKOKU and YAMATO:/TAKAHASHI Toru

KIKOKU Is Missing from Japanese Ancient History(1)             /TSUKUDA Osamu

In Ancient Times Tenno Ruled in North Kyūshū                              /UCHIKURA Takehisa

Who Was buried in Ancient TAKAMATUDUKA Tomb?                           /HAYASHI Junji


The End of Contemporary Capitalism and the American Presidential Election in 2016 /NAGAI Tsutomu

SAGAMIHARA Slaughter and Eugenics                                           / MIYACHI Tatsuo

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~YUIKEN Crossroad~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My Encounter with MARUYAMA Masao                               /SUZUKI Tadashi

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Book Review~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

ITO Akira,Genealogy of the <Tenno of Japanese People> Theory / SOEDA Kaoru

AYAME Koji, Figures of Teacher in Japanese Modern Literature /MORITA Kouzo


                         No.137, November 2016

                        Table of Contents

~~~~~~~   Preface Essay  ~~~~~~~ 

Okinawa and Multinational Co-operative                                     / YONEKURA Katsuyoshi (2)

~~~~~ Special Issue :  What’s the Problem which Current Thoughts in Japan face ~~~~~ 

The Era of Super-Reality                                                                         / MOMOKI Baku (13)

Be Careful with UCHIDA Tatsuru (1950-)                                                     / NIWA Junki (23)

Curse to the Japanese Postwar Society: 

SHIMIZU Ikutaro (1907-88)  and YASUDA Yojuro (1910-81)       / NAITO Shu (30) 

The Thought Against Nuclear Power Plant                                                  / WADA Ryuzo (40)

The Current Thought: KARATANI Kojin and Theory of Association  / AYAME Hiroharu (50) 

Renewal of Communism                                                                           / SAKAI Takeshi (60)

To Think about Thinking and Thought                                               / MURAYAMA Akira (69)  

We Should Deepen Argument about “Prostitution System” of Past Japanese Military  

                                                                                                           / YOSHIDA Tomoya (73)

On the Study of Gramsci’s Thoughts                                                  / MATSUDA Hiroshi (76)

The Existence against the Anti-intellectualism Coup d’Etat      / SOEDA Kaoru (80)

Constitution of Japan and Decisive Battle in Japanese Mainland(1)   

                                                                                                     / KAMIYAMA Mutsumi (90)

MASAKI Hiroshi (1896-1975), His Idea and Tracks                           / MORITA Kouzou (100)

TANIGAWA Gan (1923-95) as Method                                        / MUROHUSHI Shihan (114)

A Mode of M. Adler’s Psychology and Our Times                        / SHIMAZAKI Takashi (126)

~~~~~~~ Article etc. ~~~~~~~

Talk: The Future of Leisure Time                 / MOMOKI Baku, NAKAGAWA Neikosu (138)   

~~~~~~~ Book Review ~~~~~~~ 

HOSOYA Makoto(ed.), Job and Job Hunting                                / NAKAGAWA Neikos (146)

YOKOTA Saburo, Thoughts and Roots of Today’s Education of Human Rights 

                                                                                                            / OTUKA Takahiro (150)


No.109, August 2009


Table of Contents

~~~~~~ Foreword Essay ~~~~~~

MARUYAMA Masao's Estimation of the Pacifism of UCHIMURA Kanzo

/ SUZUKI Tadashi(1)

~~~~~~ Special Issue: Analyzing the Real Labor Process in Recent Japan ~~~~~~

I Report

Hard Conditions of Workers in Irregular Employment       / NAKAMURA Minoru(9)

Young Workers Transcending Only Controlled Life        / IDA Hiroyuki(16)

Youth Labor Movement Is Seeking Solidarity      / HASHIGUCHI Shouji(26)

From My Experiences of Workers Movement in Japan     / WAKITA Kenichi(32)

II Analysis and Critique

What Means the Recent Increase of Workers in Irregular Employment / SHIRAI Kunihiko (38)

Changes in Labor Process in Japan's Manufacturing Industry      / UNI Hiroyuki(51)

Transformation of Corporate Society and Mutation of Labor     / SAITO Hideji(61)

A Perspective on Interactive Service Works        / SUZUKI Kazuo(71)

Self-regulation and Mental Disorder          / HIRANO Kei(82)

~~~~~~ Forum ~~~~~~

OBAMA’s Declaration for Abolishing Nuclear Weapon and Japanese Media /MORI Jun (103)

I had an Operation Cutting Off Aneurysm in My Stomach    / NAKAMURA Toru (105)

~~~~~~ Articles etc . ~~~~~~

Transition of Feng-shui Discourse in Hong Kong : Changing the Structure of Feng-shui

Knowledge in Meizhou, Guangdong        / KAWAI Hironao (110)

A Study of the Meiji State (10)         /OYABU Ryusuke (124)

KANAMORI Tokujiro, Builder of a Foundation for the Constitution of Japan (1)

                              / SUZUKI Tadashi(135)

~~~~~~ Book Review ~~~~~~

SAITO Shinji, MISORA Hibari: A Biography      /MUROHUSI Shihan (142)

UENO Kiyosi, The Way toward Las Casas      /KIMURA Tsuneyuki (147)

~~~~~~ Information ~~~~~~

Osaka Independent School of Philosophy(151) Recently Published Books etc.(152)

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No.110, November 2009


Table of Contents

~~~~~~~~~~ Foreword Essay ~~~~~~~~~~

KAWAKAMI Hajime and Marx: the 130th Anniversary of his Birth.

/ YAMAMOTO Haruyoshi (1)

~~~~~~~~~~Special Issue: My Encounter with one Book~~~~~~~~~~

MIZUTA Hiroshi (8) / ISHIZUKA Masahide (11) / TOYOTA TUYOSHI (13)

KAWAKAMI Mutsuko (17) / MARUYAMA Keiichi (20) / UNI Hiroshi (22)

UCHIDA Hiroshi (24) / KOJIMA Kousei (28) / YAMADA Masayuki (32)

OHNO Tokuichiro (35) / AYAME Kouji (38) / ISHIZAKI Yoshihiko (42)

TAKEDA Nobuteru (46) / HIRANO Kei (50) / MORI Jun (54)

ONO Masashi (56) / MOTODA Kousei (59) / ISHII Kiyoshi (62)

SHIBATA Takayuki (65) / HIYAMA Norihiko (67) / OHKUBO Yu (73)

HOSOYA Makoto (76) / HUKAE Toru (78) / KASHII Hiroyuki (81)

WADA Ryuzou (83) / OHNISHI Hisao (86) / MARUYAMA Shigeki (88)

EBARA Hitoshi (93) / YONEKURA Katsuyoshi (96) / MATSUDA Hiroshi (101)

NISHIDA Terumi (105) / SHIRAKAWA Masumi (107) / ONO Ryo (111)

~~~~~~~~~~~ Article ~~~~~~~~~~

Position of WATSUJI Tetsuro in the NIPPON Ideology (1) /YAMADA Masayuki (118)

~~~~~~~~~~ Interview ~~~~~~~~~~

Edition Problems of Marx’“Manuscripts” and “Excerpt Notes” of 1844

/Jurgen Rojahn  Interviewer TABATA Minoru (130)

~~~~~~~~~~ Book Review ~~~~~~~~~~

KAWAKAMI Mutsuko, Religion Critique and Body:

  L. Feuerbachユs Middle and Late Thought           /KAWAMOTO Takashi (145)

  TSUDA Michio, Do You Know the Constitution of Japan ?      /SHIBASAKI Ritsu (149)

  MUROHUSHI Shihan, An Apocalypse of Chikuhou     /KAMIYAMA Mutsumi (151)

  KAMIYAMA Mutsumi, War in the 21st Century       /TAKAHASHI Hideaki (155)

~~~~~~~~~~ Information ~~~~~~~~~~

Osaka Independent School of Philosophy (158) Recently Published Books etc.(159)

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No.111, March 2010


Table of Contents

~~~~~~~~~~ Foreword Essay ~~~~~~~~~~

On the Alienation of Old Age                / UMEKAWA Kunio (1) 

~~~~~~~~~~Special Issue I : For the Rehabilitation of the Alienation Theory~~~~~~~

The Alienation Theory and Neo-Humanism        /YASUI Yutaka (13)

What Did I want to say by Economics of “Emperor’s New Cloth”    /MATSO Tadasu(26)

Possibilities and Limits of Marx’s Theory of Alienation     / TAGAMI Koichi (37)

The Alienation Theory in My Own Studies       / KUROSAWA Nobuaki (50)

~~~~~~~~~~Special Issue: My Encounter with one Book. Part 2~~~~~~~~~~

SASAGE Kenji (64) / YASUI Yutaka (67) / HUJITA Takamasa (71)

OYABU Ryusuke (73) / UMEKAWA Kunio (76) / OHARA Koichi (78)

OBASE Ichiro (82) / KIMURA Tsuneyuki (84) / KURAHASI Sadakatsu (86)

IWABUCHI Keiichi (90) / SHIBAZAKI Ritsu (96) / NAGAI Tsutomu (100)

ISHIZAKI Keiji (104) / TAKANE Hidehiro (106) / MIYAMAE Yasuo (108)

TSUDA Michio (110) / NAITO Shu (112) / TAGAMI Koichi (116)

SUZUKI Tadashi (120) / INAOKA Yoshirou (122) / KUROSAWA Nobuaki (126)

MAITA Yusuke (132)

~~~~~~~~~~~ Article ~~~~~~~~~~

GRAMSCI and Comintern: A Reply to the Opinion of T. SUZUKI /MATSUDA Hiroshi (134)

~~~~~~~~~~ Book Review ~~~~~~~~~~

  Adriano Tilgher, Homo Faber       /MATSUDA Hiroshi (142)

    KANEKAWA Shin , The Kudara Dynasty and Ancient Japan / MUROHUSHI Shihan (146)

~~~~~~~~~~ Information ~~~~~~~~~~

   Osaka Independent School of Philosophy (151) Recently Published Books etc. (152)

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No.112, May 2010


Table of Contents

~~~~~~~ Foreword Essay ~~~~~~~

Financial Difficulty of Japanese Big Newspapers        / MORI Jun ( 1)

~~~~~~~ Special Issue: The Present Problematics of the Theory of Knowledge ~~~~~~~

   Marxist Theory of Science and Technology

   ――In Memoriam Daniel Bensaid, 25 Martius 1946~12 Januarius 2010 ――

                               / SASAKI Chikara (7)

The Philosophical Problematics of Modern Theory of Knowledge  /HIYAMA Michihiko (19)

The Social and Material Turns of Environmental Science        / Otsuka Yoshiki(32)

For Construction of the Theory of Knowledge        /MURAYAMA Akira (47)

Inter-Differentiation and Inter-Transition among the Everyday-, the Technical-, the Scientific- and the

Philosophical Knowledge /TABATA Minoru(59)

~~~~~~~ YUIKEN Crossroad ~~~~~~~

Russell Mirror and MAGNAM / HUKAE Toru(74)

~~~~~~~ Article ~~~~~~~

For the Post Capitalism Society ( 1 ) /ONO Ryo (77)

GRAMSCI and Comintern: A Reply to the Opinion of Tomihisa SUZUKI(2) /MATSUDA Hiroshi (104)

Position of WATSUJI Tetsuro in the NIPPON Ideology (Concluded) /YAMADA Masayuki (109)

A Study of the Meiji State (11) /OYABU Ryusuke (118)

My “Good Luck Charm” for Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution(2) /SUZUKI Tadashi(130)

~~~~~~~ Book Review ~~~~~~~

SUZUKI Tadashi , Article 9 and Article 1 of the Japanese Constitution / KIMURA Tsuneyuki (137)

Y. Most, Introduction into Das Kapital      /HIRANO Kiichiro(139)

~~~~~~~ Information ~~~~~~~

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No.113, August 2010



 Table of Contents

~~~~~~~ Foreword Essay ~~~~~~~

Coming Back of Georg Lukacs : To His 125th Anniversary / MARUYAMA Keiichi (1)

~~~~~~~ Special Issue : How to get over Max Weber ~~~~~~~

Possibilities of Weber’s Social Theory          /MATSUI Katsuhiro (10)

Max Weber’s Concept of Macht : It


s Elements      / SASAGE Kenji (22)

The Implication of Weber’s Paper “Objectivity”  : To an Independent Form of Empirical Science

from “a Lady’s Maid” of Politics        / SUZUKI Tomihisa (34)

Max Weber,s Views on the Origin of Human Rights     / SANO Makoto (47)

“A Mistranslation” of OTSUKA Hisao        / TSUNEKI Kentarou (61)

What Is “Modern” ? : Weber’s Concept of Entz隔berung   / TAKANE Hidehiro (74)

~~~~~~~ Column ~~~~~~~

Prayer and Requiem : August Journalism of Japan   / MORI Jun (82)

~~~~~~~ Article ~~~~~~~

Post Capitalistic World : Reborn of the “Reconstruction of Individual Ownership” by Marx (2)

                                 / ONO Ryo (86)

GRAMSCI and the Issue of “Materialism”: A Reply to the Opinion of SUZUKI Tomihisa (3)

                              / MATSUDA Hiroshi (105)

The Philosophical Problematics of Modern Theory of Knowledge(2) /HIYAMA Michihiko (112)

Rethinking on the Theory of Historical Materialism (1)    / WEI Xiaoping (129)

~~~~~~~ Book Review ~~~~~~~

ISHIGURO Hideo, Guidebook : Bertolt Brecht        / MIYAKE Ichirou (135)

  Antonio Labriola , Essays on the Materialist Conception of History   / OBASE Ichirou (139)  

IIJIMA Hiroshi etc., Manifest of the Associational Revolution / HUJITA Takamasa (143)

SOEDA Kaoru, YOSHIMOTO Takaaki : Chronicle of his Dispute / SEO Ikuo (148)

~~~~~~~ Information ~~~~~~~

Osaka Independent School of Philosophy (153)    Recently Published Books etc. (154)

About this Magazine (155)                 Editor’s P.S. (156)




No.114, December 2010


Table of Contents

~~~~~~~ Foreword Essay ~~~~~~~

From the Stand Point of the Associational Revolution / TABATA Minoru(1)

~~~~~ Special Issue : Theory and Practice of the Associational Revolution Part 4 ~~~~~~~

   Status Quo of the Social Enterprises in Japan / KASHII Hiroyuki(11)

The Association as a Discussion Body and a Learning Community / HAYAMA Tsuguhiko(23)

Change the Society from “Here and Now” / SAKAI Takeshi(30)

Discussions about Our Manifest of the Associational Revolution /ABE Humiaki(39)

~~~~~~~ YUIKEN Crossroad etc. ~~~~~~~

Photo Essay of Eugege Smith / HUKAE Toru(72)

How to Approach Practical Philosophy: Over Antonio Labriola / SUZUKI Tadashi(74)

Column: Natural Disaster and Man-made Disaster / MORI Jun (45)

Mourning for YOKOTA Saburo / YAMAMOTO Haruyosi(95)

~~~~~~~ Article ~~~~~~~

On the Formula of Historical Materialism in the “Preface” of Critique of the Political Economy

/SHIMAZAKI Takashi(48)

Rethinking on the Theory of Historical Materialism (2) / WEI Xiaoping (64)

Market Economy and Capitalist Economy(I) : Post Capitalistic World(3) / ONO Ryo (78)

Marx’ Concept of Nature and the Climate Nature(Concluded) / HUJITA Takamasa(98)

~~~~~~~ Book Review ~~~~~~~

UCHIYAMA Takashi, Basic Theory on the Community / TSUNEKI Kentarou(119)

DOI Mitsuo,The Third Way: Introduction / SASAGE Kenji (121)

OZAWA Takuya, A Global History of Coffee and AKAMINE Jun, A Walking Study with Sea cucumber

/ KIMURA Tsuneyuki (128)

Border- Crossing Studies of the Ancient History of Japan, vol.8 / Soeda Kaoru(134)

Ronaldo Munck, Marx @2000 / MAEDA Yukio (137)

~~~~~~~ Information ~~~~~~~

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No.116, August 2011



Table of Contents

~~~~~~~ Foreword Essay ~~~~~~~

A Trial Lecture of Philosophy in Fantasy Style   / YASUI Yutaka (1)

~~~~~ Special Issue : IT-Revolution and the Information Capitalism ~~~~~~~

   Historical Stage and Significance of the Information Capitalism  /  KITAMURA Hiromoto (8)

A Consideration to the Historical Implication of the ICT-revolution / NOGUCHI Hiroshi (18)

Mobilization of Communication: Note on the Cognitive Capitalism  / YAMAMOTO Taizo (30)

Note on IT-Revolution and Actuality         / KURAHASHI Katsuyoshi (39)

   Knowledge and Labor             / MURAYAMA Akira (54)

~~~~~~~ Report ,Colum, Essay, etc. ~~~~~~~

East-Kanto Disaster: Report from Kitaibaraki         / SEKIGUCHI Atsuo (70)

 Rereading Poesy of Films of A.Tarkovskiy         / HUKAE Toru (80)

3.11 Disaster and Press            / MORI Jun (82)

My Travel to Egypt and the Uprising of Egyptian People    / KURAHASHI Katsuyoshi (85)

~~~~~~~ Article ~~~~~~~

The “Philosophy of Praxis” and the Present-day(Concluded)     / OHARA Koichi (89)

Gramsci and Labriola (II)            / MATSUDA Hiroshi (104)

What Means ‘Materialism’ in Marx’ Early Works (I)      / SASAKI Ryuji (112)

Rethinking on the Theory of Historical Materialism (Concluded)    / WEI Xiaoping (123)

~~~~~~~ Book Review ~~~~~~~

OYABU Ryusuke, Meiji State           / MOURI Toshihiko (129)

SUZUKI Tomihisa, The Scholarly Structure of Gramsci’s “Prison Notebooks” / SASAGE Kenji (132)

KAMIYAMA Mutsumi, Shouwa of KOBAYASHI Hideo       / KASHIMA Toru (136)

Luc Folliet, Republic of Nauru: A Collapse of Utopia       / KIMURA Tuneyuki (139)

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No.117, December 2011


 Table of Contents

~~~~~~~ Foreword Essay ~~~~~~~

Henri Bergson vs. NISHIDA Kitaro   / HUZITA Takamasa (1)

~~~~~ Special Issue : Mass Entertainment and the Left Movement ~~~~~~~

   Combining Truth and True Feelings         / SUZUKI Tadashi(12)

An Imaginary Paradise: People and State in NAKAZATO Kaizan’ s Thought

                               / KODERA Masatoshi (20)

KURAHASHI Sentaro and ‘Shin-Minsyugeki’   / KITAZAKI Toyoji (30)

SOEDA Azenbo and the History of ‘Enka’       / SOEDA Kaoru (44)

   Imagination in National Emergency             / HUJII Yusuke(50)

The World of the ‘Buraiha’: In the Case of ODA Sakunosuke / NAGAI Yoshikazu (62)

NAGAOKI Makoto and AKITA Minoru   / MUROHUSHI Shihan (68)

On the Expulsion of IMAMURA Taihei from Japanese Communist Party / SATO Yoh (78)

~~~~~~~ Report ,Colum, Essay, etc. ~~~~~~~

Rereading The Mind’s Eye of Heiri Cartie =Bresson / HUKAE Toru(96)

The Hukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster : INAOKA Minako’s Lecture

/ HIRAI Ryousuke(98)

~~~~~~~ Article ~~~~~~~

Gramscian Globalism and the ‘Post-Modern Prince’:

Global Organic Crisis and a Transformation of World Order   / TAKASHIMA Masaharu(106)

Materialism and Comintern in Gramsci: Certain Answers to MATSUDA’s ‘Reply’

           / SUZUKI Tomihisa (116)

What means ‘Materialism’ in Marx’ Early Works (Concluded) / SASAKI Ryuji (130)

~~~~~~~ Book Review ~~~~~~~

UEMURA Kunihiko, What is Civil Society / TSUNEKI Kentarou(140)

Works of HUKUMOTO Kazuo / SHIRAI Satoshi (144)

OYABU Ryusuke, Meiji State / KITAYAMA Syun (150)

SUZUKI Tomihisa,Antonio Gramsci / SUZUKI Toshimasa(156)

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No.118, February 2012


 Table of Contents

~~~~~~~ Foreword Essay ~~~~~~~

From New Labor to Blue Labor             / SASAGE Kenji (1)

~~~~~ Special Issue : Some Aspects of American Society after 2008 ~~~~~~~

The American Political Ideal and Citizen’s Republic / SETOOKA Hiroshi (14)

Daniel Bell and Noam Chomsky / NAGAI Tsutomu (26)

US Economic Crisis and the Future after the Collapse of Lehman Brothers

/ HAGIWARA Shinjirou (40)

On Sandel’s Public Philosophy / MAKINO Hiroyoshi (52)

Towards the Basic Income: The Making of the Universal Income Guarantee in the United States

                              / HONDA Hirokuni (62)

America and Pragmatism as “A Common Law” : Shunske TURUMI’s Critical View     

                             / KIMURA Tsuneyuki (76)

US and Problems of Sympathy          / NAKAJIMA Youichi (86)

~~~~~~~ Report ,Colum, Essay, etc. ~~~~~~~

Reading Tarkovsky’s Art of Films / HUKAE Toru (98)

A Lecture of Returned US Soldier Ash Woolson / HIRAI Ryousuke (100)

~~~~~~~ Book Review ~~~~~~~

HURUTA Takehiko, Himika / MUROHUSHI Shihan (108)

KUROSAWA Nobuaki, Reconstructing the Theory of Lifelong Learning / SAITO Hideji (117)

MATSUDA Hiroshi (ed. and tr.), Selected Works of“Prison Notebooks”of A.Gramsci,Vol. ,

“A Margin of History-Note on Subaltern” / TAKASHIMA Masaharu (120)

~~~~~~~ Information ~~~~~~~

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No.119, May 2012



Table of Contents

~~~~~~~ Foreword Essay ~~~~~~~

Nuclear Accident and “Die Wolke (The Invisible Cloud) ” / KIMURA Tsuneyuki (1)

~~~~~ Special Issue : The <Intellectual and Moral Reform> of A. Gramsci ~~~~~~~

Notes on Gramsci and His Conception of the <Intellectual and Moral Reform> Examined

As Historical Movement              / OHARA Koichi (12)

On the Development of Gramsci’s Concept on Hegemony and the < Intellectual and Moral

Reform>               / MATSUDA Hiroshi (54)

“Philosophy of Praxis” and “Intellectual -Moral Reform” of A. Gramsci (1)

   / TABATA Minoru (66)

Gramsci’s Manuscripts on the <Intellectual and Moral Reform> : New Translation

into Japanese by OHARA Koichi and MATSUDA Hiroshi

Q5¤50 Note on Japanese Culture (84), Q8¤87 Note on Japanese Culture (87),

Q10II¤42-1 Points of View for Article on Croce (88), Q11¤12 Some Clues to Say First (98),

Q13 Notes for Politics of Machavelli ¤1 (118), Q14¤26 Notes on the Italian Culture (124) ,

Q16¤9 Some Problems Concerning Study on Development of Philosophy of Praxis (128),

Q19¤5 Interpretations of Risorgimento (139),

Q21 Problems of Italian National Culture. I. Popular Literature ¤1 Context of Problems (154)

P-J. Proudhon, Of Justice in the Revolution and the Charch (1858), Contents and Summary,

Translated by OHARA Koichi (158)

~~~~~~~ Report ,Colum, Essay, etc. ~~~~~~~

Materialism for Us          / SUZUKI Tadashi (172)

Mourning for YOSHIMOTO Takaaki     / MUROHUSHI Shihan (176)

How to Utilize Marx’ Materialism      / HORIMOTO Hideo (180)

A Reply to the Book Review of KITAYAMA Syun     / OYABU Ryusuke (188)

~~~~~~~ Book Review ~~~~~~~

KIMURA Isao, A Phantom ofSaka no Ue no Kumo”  / KIMURA Tsuneyuki (192)

SUZUKI Tadashi, KANO Kokichi and ANDO Shoeki     / TANAKA Osamu (196)

~~~~~~~ Information ~~~~~~~

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No.120, August 2012



 Table of Contents

~~~~~~~ Essay  ~~~~~~~

Murdered but Immortal Persons: a Theme of my Comics      / TAKANE Hidehiro (1)

~~~~~ Special Issue : Reading MARX Part I ~~~~~~~

Theses on Feuerbach (1845) / SASAKI Ryuji (8)

The German Ideology (1845/46) / WATANABE Norimasa (18)

The Communist Manifesto (1848) / MATOBA Akihiro (31)

The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis NAPOLEON (1852) / NISHIKAWA Nagao (42)

Grundrisse of the Critique of Political Economy (1857~58) / UCHIDA Hiroshi (54)

Foreword of the Critique of Political Economy (1859) / UEMURA Kunihiko (68)

Capital (1867 etc.) / OTANI Teinosuke (80)

Capital (1867 etc.) / HIYAMA Michihiko (92)

Capital (1867 etc.) / DAIKOKU Kouji (106)

Capital (1867 etc.) / UNI Hiroyuki (120)

The Civil War in France (1871) / OYABU Ryusuke (134)

Notes on Anthropology and Ancient History (1876~82) / ISHIDUKA Masahide (148)

~~~~~~~  Essay  ~~~~~~~

Realizing Process of Nastasha of Andrzoj WAJDA / HUKAE Toru (160)

~~~~~~~ Book Review ~~~~~~~

HOSOYA Minoru, Philosophy For Thinking Well / HUJITA Takamasa (162)

Donald KEENE, So Lovely A Country Will Never Perish / KIMURA Tsuneyuki (168)

NISHIKADO Junshi, Traveling Theory : Thought of LUK蹐S Gy嗷gy / YAMAMOTO Kei (172)

~~~~~~~ Information ~~~~~~~

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no.123, May 2013








No.130, February 2015  Table of Contents



~~~~~~~  Preface Essay ~~~~~~~ 


70 Years after Japan’s Defeat in the World War II.                /SUZUKI Tadashi (2)


 ~~~~~ Special Issue: Speakers of Contemporary Japan-Nationalism  ~~~~~~~ 


SAKURAI Yoshiko Leads the Japanese People to Wars, Doesn’t She?                                

                                                                                                    /KIMURA Tuneyuki(10)  

Criticizing HASEGAWA Michiko’s KARAGOKORO                        /HUJITA Takamasa(24)  

Critique of KOBAYASHI Yoshinori’s Comics On the War                /TAKANE Hidehiro(37)  

WATANABE Shoichi and a Final Stop of Intellectuality in the Consumption Society            

                                                                                                  /MUROHUSHI Shihan(46)

The Crisis and the Turning Point of Mass Medias in Japan                            /MORI Jun(52)

Novels Describing the  Wartime Evacuated Children                                /SHINDO Ken(58)

What I Learned from NISHIKAWA Nagao: The Monster KOKUMIN—What Does It Mean?    

                                                                                                       /OCHIAI Yoshitaka(68)

Antagonism Concerning “Breaking Away from After-War Regime”          /TABATA Minoru(76)


~~~~~~~ Article etc. ~~~~~~~


Ethik des Egoismus : Die Praxis von Ludwig Feuerbach 3.            /SHIBATA Takayuki (90)

Creative Commons and the Forming Alternative, Outonomous Space in a City :Interview with WATANABE Tomoaki (Executive Director of CCJP)                          /TACHIBANA Akira(98)

A Message from a Profligate Son                                                     /NIWA Junki(110)


~~~~~~~ YUIKEN Crossroad ~~~~~~~


Tanka of OKAI Takashi 5.                                                                        /YAITA Susumu(122)

Reading 1st Book of The Adolescent of F.Dostoyevsky 2.             /YOSHIZUMI Hiroyuki(126)


~~~~~~~ Book Review ~~~~~~~ 


OYABU Ryusuke, What is the State?: Essence of the State of Parliamentary Democracy           

                                                                              /NISHIKAWA Junichi, SASAGE Kenji(136)


ISHIDUKA Masahide, Sellected Works Vol.1, Fetishism       /YASUI Yutaka(140)










No.131, May 2015 Table of Contents


~~~~~~~  Preface Essay ~~~~~~~ 


"Sense of Belief" to Survive in the "Flood of Information" by UCHIDA Yoshihiko      

                                             / TSUNEKI Kentaro (2)


~~~~~ Special Issue: Japanese Philosophers from 1945 till 1991  ~~~~~~~ 


KOZAI Yoshishige (1901-90) : Marx’s Thought as a Method                / SUZUKI Tadashi (16)  

KAKEHASHI Akihide(1902-96) : His Thought of the Total Historical Nature                             

                                                                                                               / HATTORI Kenji (20) 

HUJIMOTO Shinji (1905-87) and Today                                    / YAMAMOTO Haruyoshi (30)

HUNAYAMA Shinichi (1907-94) : His View of Human Being and Society                                 

                                                                                                           / UMEKAWA Kunio (40) 

MIURA Tsutomu (1911-89) : A Way toward Establishing  the Concept of "Subjectivity"   

                                / WAKAI Takahumi (47)

MORI Nobushige (1914-71) and I : Philosophy Based on Reason and Humanism                        

                                                                                                         / TOMONAGA Kenzo (58)

Criticizing "Echosistence" of SUZUKI Toru (1919-)                            / HUJITA Takamasa (68)

UEYAMA Shunpei (1921-2012) : Antiwar State and the Depth- Culture of Japan                        

                                                                                                         / KIMURA Tomoyuki (79) 

Revengeful Spirits in the Historical View of UMEHARA Takeshi (1925-)  / YASUI Yutaka (92)

HANASAKI Kohei (1931-) : A Way toward the Thought of "Poepleness"                                   

                                                                                                             / TABATA Minoru (105)

On the Theory of Reification by HIROMATSU Wataru(1933-94)    / HIYAMA Michihiko(117)


~~~~~~~ Article etc. ~~~~~~~


On the Theory of Fascism in Japen 1.             / OYABU Ryusuke (128)

Modern Civil Society and Gramsci’s Educational Ideas 1.        /KUROSAWA Nobuaki(140)

Naturwissenschaft und Revolution : Die Praxis von L. Feuerbach 4.                                           

                                                                                                         / SHIBATA Takayuki (150)


~~~~~~~ YUIKEN Crossroad ~~~~~~~


For the Memory of Late KAWAKAMI Toru: From the View-Point of Crossing and Intertwining of Identity and Ideology                                                                  / YAMADA Masayuki (160)

Reading 1st Book of The Adolescent of F.Dostoyevsky 3.   / YOSHIZUMI Hiroyuki (172)


~~~~~~~ Book Review ~~~~~~~ 


SHIRAKAWA Masumi, Rich Life in the Post Growth Society: Social Movements Post 3.11        


                                                                                                        / ISHIDUKA Takeshi (176)




 No.132, August 2015 Table of Contents


~~~~~~~  Preface Essay ~~~~~~~ 


Ten Thousand Years Life, Addictive !              / MURAYAMA Akira (2)


~~~~~  Special Issue: Debates on Reification Theory from K. Marx to  A. Honneth  ~~~~~ 


The Theory of Reification and the Theoretical Structure of the Part 1 of Capital,Vol.1.              

                                                                                                                  / SASAKI Ryuji (12)  

Reification in the“Interest-Bearing Capital”             / EBARA Hitoshi (24) 

The Reification-Theory by K. Marx and G. Lukacs        / HIYAMA Tomohiko (34) 

On Alienation, Reification and the Problem of Strategy         / TAKAHEI Hidekazu (46)

Adorno and the Theory of Reification                                                / HOSOMI Kazuyuki (58)

Reification and Psychopathology                                                            / NAGAI Tsutomu (68)

For the Review of Marxian Reification  Theory—Reorganizing of the TermsEntfremdung,                             Verdinglichung, Versachlichung, Fetishism                   / YASUI Yutaka (82)


~~~~~~~ Article etc. ~~~~~~~


Spinoza and His Main Work“Ethica”                                                 / KAWAI Tokuharu (92)

Modern Civil Society and Gramscis Educational Ideas 2.           / KUROSAWA Nobuaki (108)

Creative Commons and the Forming Alternative, Outonomous Space in a City :Interview with WATANABE Tomoaki (Executive Director of CCJP)(Concluded)     / TACHBANA Akira (120)


~~~~~~~ YUIKEN Crossroad ~~~~~~~


A Proposal to All Materialists in Japan                                                 / SUZUKI Tadashi (132)

Two Biographical Works of ISHIMURE Michiko                                      / SHINDO Ken (134)

Mourning  for TSURUMI Shunsuke                                               / KIMURA Tsuneyuki (138)

Mourning for OCHIAI Masaru (President of YONEKAWA Printing Office)                                

                                                                                                         / TAKANE Hidehiro (148)


~~~~~~~ Book Review ~~~~~~~ 


YOSHIMOTO Takaaki, What Is Something Japanese?                 / MUROHUSHI Shihan (140)

TAKEMINE Seiichiro,The Marshall Islands: Endless Nuclear Victim                                         


                                                                                                       / KIMURA Tsuneyuki (144)



No.133, November 2015 Table of Contents


~~~~~~~  Preface Essay ~~~~~~~ 


From Reexamination of Yamato Dynasty to a Radical Reconstuction of Japan'sAncient History                                                                            / MUROHUSHI Shihan (2)


~~~~~  Special Issue: 70Years After the Defeat of JapanMy Message  ~~~~~ 


AYAME Hiroharu (10)    ARAMAKI Kyozo (14)    UMEKAWA Kunio (18) 


 ONO Masashi (22)    KASHII Hiroyuki (26)     KAMIJIMA Takeshi (30)  


KAMIYAMA Mutsumi (34)     KIMURA Isao (38)    KIMURA Tsuneyuki (44) 


 SANO Yoneko (48)   SHIBATA Takayuki (52)    SHIBAYAMA Kentaro (55)


SOEDA Kaoru (60)    TAKEDA Nobuteru (66)   NAITO Shu (72)  


NISHIMURA Yoshiko (76)  HINO Noriyuki (79)   MATSUDA Hiroshi (84)  


MIKAMI Susumu (90)   MURAYAMA Akira (94) YASUI Yutaka (98) 


 YOKOI Shinsuke (103)   YOSHIDA Tomoya (108)   WADA Ryuzo (112)


~~~~~~~ Article etc. ~~~~~~~


Theorie und Praxis von Karl Grun: Die Praxis von L. Feuerbach (5)           

                              / SHIBATA Takayuki (118)

On the Theory of Fascism in Japan(2)                  / OYABU Ryusuke (130)

Gramsci and the Political Testament of Engels: On the Study of OYABU Ryusuke                     

                                                                                                         / MATSUDA Hiroshi (142)


~~~~~~~ YUIKEN Crossroad ~~~~~~~


Mourning  for HURUTA Takehiko                    / IKI Ichiro(150),   MUROHUSHI Shihan (151)


KANO Kokichi  : Person and Thought                                                  / SUZUKI Tadashi (154)